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First Transit is the top provider of NEMT Services in the U.S.  

We welcome you to our provider website where we provide all the information you need to sign up to work with us and manage your daily trips and billing. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a special kind of demand response service that ensures riders have access to medical appointments.  NEMT services are funded by using healthcare dollars.  This could be federal or state health care programs, like Medicaid or Medicare, or other healthcare programs, like a County Hospital System or Department of Job and Family Services.  

First Transit has a variety of clients, including state Medicaid programs and Managed Care Organizations. We recruit subcontractors to provide actual trips, which is where YOU come in.  

First Transit is committed to providing quality transportation to its healthcare clients and riders.  One of the ways we do this is by ensuring that transportation providers meet the Minimum Participation Standards before they can be consideration into Transit’s Network. 

Some of these standards include:

  • Appropriate, valid licensing
  • Current, adequate insurance coverage
  • Exclusion screenings
  • Vehicles must meet appropriate safety, operating and maintenance standards
  • Drivers and attendants must meet appropriate background and drug screening

First Transit is committed to universally applying our credentialing standards.  We do not discriminate in the decision-making process against any provider who acts within the scope of their license based solely on race, gender, age or sexual orientation, or if the provider serves high-risk populations or specializes in costly conditions.

To become a provider in the Greater Chicago Area, please visit our  Illinois NEMT Application page.  

To become a provider Oregon, please visit our Oregon NEMT Application page.

For more information, including state rates, see the Other Resources tab.